Mavis Privacy Policy



We are mavis Creatives Limited (Registered in England & Wales No. 07777252) and our registered office is at IHB Accountants, Unit F/25 Waterfront Studios, 1 Dock Road, London, E16 1AH.

This Privacy Notice sets out the basis on which we use personal data in the course of our business activities.

Telephone – +44 (0)20 7729 5696

Email – [email protected]

Office Address – Unit 11, The Energy Centre, Bowling Green Walk, London, N1 6AL


What Information We Collect:


We collect and process the following information in accordance with data protection legislation: Contact information, Personal Identifiers, and any other information relevant to the recruitment process which is voluntarily supplied to mavis by a party with whom mavis is in contact.

For the purposes of helping to find Candidates for Clients we will keep Client contact information in accordance with the Client’s contract with mavis and for the purposes of helping to find employment opportunities we will keep personal contact information as well as any volunteered information or documents from a Candidate, examples of this include but are not limited to CVs, Cover Letters, Portfolios, recommendation letters.

We reserve the right to update this Privacy Notice from time to time. Where appropriate, we shall contact you to notify you of any material changes to the Privacy Notice. You should also refer to our website periodically so that you may access and view our updated Privacy Notice. This will ensure that you understand (i) how we are using your personal data and (ii) your legal rights around our usage of such personal data.


How We Get Personal Information:


Supplied directly to mavis by a client or candidate or anyone wanting to work with mavis in either regard, we also receive personal information indirectly from the public domain (i.e. public websites, social sites such as LinkedIn or other portfolio site hosts, etc.). 

We collect this information solely for the purpose of fulfilling employment opportunities with our signed clients and finding our candidates employment opportunities.

We may share Client information with a prospective Candidate or Candidate information with a prospective employer only upon receiving consent from the relevant party before supplying; this information is shared only in the pursuit of fulfilling an employment opportunity with a Client and/or assisting a Candidate with finding an employment opportunity.


Under the existing legislation for General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), we rely on the lawful bases for processing this information, such as:


  1. Your consent – by contacting mavis to assist with filling a role within the company you are employed by (Client) or to assist with finding you an employment opportunity (Candidate) you consent to mavis accessing, using, and storing your personal data, however, you are able to remove your consent at any time by contacting [email protected] with the subject line “GDPR Consent Retraction Request” and the relevant information included in the email copy.
    1. If you are requesting that mavis remove your personal information entirely from their system, please note that in accordance with the above Privacy Policy items, mavis retains the right to contact you in pursuit of employment fulfillment for existing clients through information available through the public domain.
    2. Subsequently, if you wish to not be contacted in the future in any regard by mavis for any purpose, you will agree to mavis retaining your name and email address for the purposes of a “Do Not Contact” list only, which will be used to reference that you are not to be contacted by mavis in the future – if you request that all of your information be removed from our records we will have no reference to not contact you through public domain information in the future and thus if you contact us regarding removal of your personal information, please include a note in your mail to [email protected] that declares “Information Retention for Do Not Contact List” – Consent OR Do Not Consent, and mavis will adhere to the requested action.
  2. We have a contractual obligation: If we have, under existing contract obligations, reason to share information, then mavis has the right to do so. 
  3. We have a legal obligation: If we have, under established laws and legislations, reason to share information, then mavis has the right to do so.
  4. We need it to perform a legitimate company task: If necessary for company business proceedings, mavis reserves the right to share information with signed third parties who are assisting with said company task and who have agreed to share the information no further than within their own organisation wherein mavis’ company task is relevant.


How we store your information:


Your information is securely stored through mavis’ company database which is not publicly accessible or stored in any public domain – it is accessible to mavis employees and affiliates only. 

We keep your information for 10 years from the date of information supply unless otherwise request through a GDPR Consent Retraction Request in which case your details will be removed from our systems except, where applicable, in accordance with the Do Not Contact List. 

After 10 years if mavis has not been contacted by you or worked with you as an individual or a company in any capacity then your information will be deleted in full from our database system. Any email communications and correspondence will remain confidential and will exist in email servers in accordance with their data protection policies but we will not remove email communication information from referred to servers unless explicitly requested. 

Your personal information from our servers and databases will be deleted after this time frame, inclusive of any supplied materials or documents such as CVs, portfolios, cover letters, etc. but these will also not be deleted from emails unless explicitly requested.

If you have any questions regarding mavis’ data protection or privacy policies, please contact us at [email protected] with the subject line “Privacy Policy Inquiry” and we will be happy to help answer your concerns.