Equality, Diversity and Inclusion


At mavis we are committed to the principle of equal opportunity, in employment and in wider society, and we believe that embracing and encouraging equality, diversity and inclusion is the only way for us to do business.

To that end, we will take steps wherever possible to ensure that our processes and practices enable equal opportunity and inclusion for everyone we work with, internally and externally, regardless of race, religion or belief, age, disability, sex or sexual orientation, gender identity, marital or civil partnership status, pregnancy or maternity status and we will continually seek to improve our practices to encourage these principles further at every opportunity.


How we support our clients

When working with clients to fulfil their recruitment needs we will actively encourage discussion about diversity and inclusion in their businesses, when appropriate, to raise awareness and highlight the benefits of a diverse and representative workforce in taking their business forward in modern society.

When advertising roles that we are recruiting on behalf of our clients we will seek to ensure that the advertisements reach a diverse audience, attracting and engaging a wide range of potential candidates and talent.

We will actively seek to put forward a diverse range of candidates who are suitable for the roles we are recruiting, facilitating our clients’ ability to make decisions that support EDI principles.

We will help the creative industry become more inclusive by championing best practice EDI approaches when working with clients and demonstrating our commitment to those principles.

We will implement any measures requested by clients to improve inclusion and equal opportunity in the recruitment process, and proactively look for, and highlight to our clients, opportunities to further this goal. We have already implemented blind CV campaigns with several clients, which involves removing identifying data from CVs, such as names, education history and background before providing the CVs to the client, in order to minimise the possibility of bias in the decision making process, and we will continue to offer such measures to support our clients in their EDI efforts.


What we do at mavis

At mavis we ensure that all job applicants and employees are treated fairly, with respect and dignity, and that no job applicant or employee receives less favourable treatment on grounds that are not relevant to good employment practice. We welcome and value diverse backgrounds, thinking, skills and experience as we know that this increases creativity and makes a team stronger and more dynamic.

Entry into employment and progression within employment at mavis is determined only by personal merit and the application of assessment and criteria which are relevant to the position or opportunity in each particular instance. In all cases, ability to perform the role will be the primary consideration in any decision making process.

Wherever possible, safe and appropriate to do so, mavis will make any reasonable changes to the work environment or work practices that are necessary to ensure that employees with particular needs, including those with a disability, are given the same opportunity as able-bodied individuals in fulfilling their roles effectively.

All mavis employees have a duty to uphold the principles of inclusion and diversity in the workplace and make all reasonable efforts to prevent any harassment or discrimination from taking place. This includes reporting any behaviour that could constitute harassment or discrimination, including that of third parties, or the victimisation of individuals who report such behaviour. We encourage all mavis employees to voice their opinions and ideas freely, and actively provide a safe and open environment for them to do so and to be themselves.


Contact us

If you are part of a registered organisation, charity or initiative whose aim is to promote EDI development in our industry, then we would love to hear from you to see if we can work together to help facilitate change and promote EDI principles through our business activities. Contact us at [email protected] to make an introduction.